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PostPosted: 2011/12/30 12:03 am    Post subject: different world

I noticed that MT had a time to get in and was really laggy so I changed worlds. One that is more like firefoot thanks though I may end up in that world latter
PostPosted: 2011/12/27 3:49 pm    Post subject:

Send my main, Dag'or a tell later.

"/tell Dag'or It's Harr, can you invite me"
PostPosted: 2011/12/27 10:51 am    Post subject:

I just got up and running yesterday and did not get time to get into the guild via so could someone get me an invite?
PostPosted: 2011/12/08 9:42 am    Post subject:

LOL sounds good. we may have to wait for Live to add more alliances since they locked out Admin on

I like that early access now starts on December 13 for those who pre-ordered early.

I have already downloaded the client. If you have not heard, log into, go to "My Account", then Pre-Order. There will be a link to download the client.

First download is simple. Next one once you click the executable installation file, huge downloads that take a long time. I recommend doing that before bed so it is done by the time you wake.
PostPosted: 2011/12/03 11:30 am    Post subject:

I should have mentioned... you might need those extra allies, cause I'm playing an operative and I'm gonna take over all ur basez!!!1
PostPosted: 2011/12/03 11:28 am    Post subject:

FYSA, another kin that I've been playing with for over 4 years, "Knights of Elendil" is planning on making a Republic SWTOR guild extension as well. I also have them listed as a rival guild so they should be on the same server. They're another great group of mature folks, so I just wanted to give you guys an introduction to them in case we get some chances to meet up in the game.

Getting pretty excited about the upcoming launch, and very glad to be getting on the same server!
PostPosted: 2011/11/22 11:25 am    Post subject:

Absolutely Nate,

You can give this webpage to anyone that wants republic.
PostPosted: 2011/11/20 5:42 pm    Post subject:

Yeah I think I'm just going to stick with the guildportal site. We won't be able to share forums posts or calendar events as easily, but I have this page up now as a link. Depending on how things roll, we may have everyone that is making primarily Republic characters just register with your site here and use ours for Empire functions.

Not too many people getting involved yet, but I think that will pick up after this next beta, so we can figure some more out at that time.
PostPosted: 2011/11/18 1:16 pm    Post subject:


I could use your assistance to setup TMRB with your guild as an Adversary.

I see your guild page is Guildportral. Our old Guildportal page did not allow an alliance with Guildlaunch. Are you keeping Guildportal, or switching to Guildlaunch?

I found Guildlaunches Raid Raid functionailty fare superior to Guildportal and less expensive.

I will have to look into my old Guildportal link to check how to setup an Alliance outside of Guildportal.

In Guildlaunch, you need an Alliance Link Widget, then click Update Alliances and provide a name and hyperlink. See the one I added here.

Orthallon (Nate)
PostPosted: 2011/11/18 12:49 am    Post subject: Oh Hai Thare!

Just wanted to drop a line to you guys. This is Nate (in vent), Fenfer or Victorias in LOTRO. I'm learning how to set up our guild website as well, both in the website and the guildlaunch. I have added you guys as a rival guild on the SWTOR side and will do the same on the guildlaunch side with The Max Rebo Band (as soon as I can locate the page where I can do that again)... Anyhow, our guild we made is a Sith Empire one called "Naughty Moisture Farmers", subject to change, but someplace to gather for now. I would really like it if we all ended up on the same server in Star Wars as well so hopefully things will work out! Cheers!
PostPosted: 2011/11/10 10:03 am    Post subject:

Woot, I think I am running out of patience. Not sure why I feel like a little kid waiting for a new toy.... Could I have been abducted by aliens?
PostPosted: 2011/11/09 10:00 am    Post subject: Deployment is About to Begin

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